Progressive metal

Affector - Harmagedon


Affector is a progressive rock/metal band founded by Dutch drummer Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse/Dilemma/Kayak) and German guitar player Daniel Fries. Bass player Mike LePond (Symphony X) and vocalist Ted Leonard (Spock's Beard/Enchant/Thought Chamber) - both from the States joined them when they started working on the debute CD Harmagedon. On this CD they are joined by four special guests on keyboards: Alex Argento, Neal Morse (Transatlantic/Flying Colors), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Derek Sherinian (PlanetX/Black Country communion). Also featured on the album is the Polish orchestra Sinfonietta Consonus.

Collin Leijenaar – drums, producer
Daniel Fries – guitars

Mike LePond – bass guitars
Ted Leonard – vocals

Affector - Harmagedon


Harmagedon is a concept album and fuses dark apocalyptic scenery with themes of hope and light and features heavy riffs and fast solos, but also has lighter and more fragile moments where the soulful singing of Ted Leonard opens a wide spectrum of vocal harmonies. The lyrical concept is about the Biblical Apocalypse, or End Times. The album will be released in 2012, the year many people believe the world will come to an end. Panic, mayhem and anarchy are to be expected by many, but what will happen? Harmagedon consists mainly out of parts of Biblical text put to music. Without personal color, just the plain text. It's one of many views on how things will end. Or not..... It's up to time to decide.

Here's what other established Prog musicians commented on “Harmagedon”

Mike Portnoy


(Sons Of Apollo, ex Dream Theater, Adrenaline Mob)

"If you are a fan of Dream Theater and progressive hard rock, this is an essential addition to your collection... you will love it!"
Jordan Rudess


(Dream Theater)

"AFFECTOR’s ‘Harmagedon’ is a solid blast of PROG metal complete with burning solos, odd time signatures, orchestral highlights, and Rock riffs that will tear your head off! Excited that I could be a part of this album!"
Neal Morse


(Transatlantic, Flying Colors)

"I think AFFECTOR is amazing! Great playing, composition and production...and you can't beat the lyrics! Congratulations to Daniel and the gang. Excellent work!"
Ted Leonard

(Spock's Beard, Enchant)

"I was floored by the musicianship by all involved. Collin and Daniel are absolute MONSTERS! Truly an honor to be part of this!"